Cell Tower Lease Rates

25 Sep

Can you tell your cell tower lease rates where you prospective cellular site is situated? The evaluation of cell sites lease rates is hard since we do not have a lot of comparative data which is available to the public. What we can inform you regarding cellular lease rates is that the cellular carriers are all doing their best to save cash and they are not paying as much as they were used to paying for tower rentals and rooftops some few years ago.

Property owners together with landlords are normally contracted by the carriers using the third party site acquisition leasing firms at http://www.towerleases.com/ who receive payment for the identification of sites and getting a lease signed at another new cell tower site. They receive payment on the rental price and the terms which can negotiate. The better the terms are given for the carrier, the more potential the leasing consultant has for making a bigger bonus. In case they tell you that they are not paid on a schedule which rewards them for offering you a lower lease rate, they are not telling the truth. The carrier leasing firms also receive payments for premiums for turning a lease around quickly.   

Therefore, if you have been talked to about putting a cell tower on your property or antennas on the top of your roof, the clock is ticking against you. You should evaluate the offer and figure out whether the offer they have given you is a fair one. Additionally, you have to determine whether the wireless contains any other choices where they can go in your neighborhood which might be a better location. That will define the amount of leverage that you have in the negotiation. You have to respond to them, and you are nearly almost at a substantial disadvantage which is a fact which they know. Learn more about cell towers at http://www.ehow.com/facts_6154016_regulates-cell-phone-companies_.html.

It is obvious that you can negotiate what looks like a great deal on its face and still at the end, have a very unfair deal. This can happen if you are not keen enough to the telecom leasing terms as well as the language which has a lot of technical terms and that can be confusing. There are chances that you are not an expert in telecommunications, and probably your lawyer as well is not. The cell tower leases rates have a variation from one county to the other within the same state.  As a landlord, you need to hire guns to get the best deal possible or else the carriers will take advantage of you.

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