Cell Tower Lease Rates

25 Sep

Assessing of cell tower lease rates is hard due to lack of a comparative data available to the society. What you can know about cellular lease rates is that cellular carriers are putting an effort to try and save funds, plus they are not paying a lot as they used to pay for rental towers and rooftop in the past. The property owners and landholders are usually communicated by the carriers through an agency which is the acquisition firms at http://www.towerleases.com/cell-tower-lease-agreement/ who are waged finding out sites and also making sure that a lease is signed a cell tower site which is new. They are usually paid under the agreement and terms they have negotiated.

The well the policies for the carrier, the higher the chance of the leasing agent or David Espinosa Cell Tower Consultant to get a bonus and profits. The bad the deal will make you have a loss and the more the funds they will make. If they inform you that they are not paid as per the agreements that reward them for giving you a lesser lease rate. When a company has done the turning around of the lease very fast, they will have an advantage of being paid a premium. So if you have been asked to put a cell tower on your house or an antenna on the rooftop of your home, there is no time for the clock is ticking.


You are required to assess the offers being rendered and check whether the offer that you have been offered is entirely fair for you or bad for you. You are also needed to figure out whether the wireless carriers can have another option where than can be put in the neighborhood which could be a better choice. This will estimate the amount of power that you have in the negotiation. So you are required to get back to them, but most of the times you are always at a disadvantage.

You can have a negotiation that seems to have a good deal on its face but still end up with a deal which will not be advantageous to you, so it is advised that you to avoid concentrating on the confusing languages they use and the leasing terms. But there are high chances that you plus your real estate lawyer do not have any knowledge of telecommunication procedures.  The rates of cell tower leasing vary from country to country. This depends on the wireless ordinances and the low-quality coverage in a critical location. Know more claims about cell towers at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/29/churches-and-cell-towers_n_2211818.html.

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